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EPR Registration - Process

EPR stands for Extended Producer's Responsibility. EPR Certificate is mandatory for Indian Manufacturer / Importer of products for Plastic waste management.


EPR Authorization is given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under MoEFCC, Government of India.


We are Global Overseas, A Consulting and Compliance firm specializing in EPR Registration (Extended Producers Responsibility). While having provided 350 + EPR Certificates we have established ourselves as one of the leading service providers in India.

Our team of experts will be in touch with you thoroughly to make sure smooth and hassle free EPR Registration. Right from collection of documents to making the entire plan to submitting it to the department while answering all the queries our team will be hands on it.

Collection Of Documents -

Below will be the documents required for creating your EPR Plan.

i. Copies of PAN, GST, CIN, IEC (for Company)
ii. Copies of PAN, Aadhaar Card (For Authorized Person)
iii. Existing Registration Copy (in case of Renewal)
iv. DIC Copy (If applicable)
v. Consent to Operate (Air & water Both) (State Wise)
vi. Operational State/UT Name
vii. Process Flow Diagram (Producers Only)
viii. Covering Letter
ix. Signature Copy of Company Authorised person
x. Thickness of Plastic Sheet & Carry Bags in terms of microns
xi. Additional Information, if any.

Costing -

We request you to kindly get in touch with us for appropriate and fair pricing which we can discuss mutually.


Timeline -

It takes round about 30 – 40 Business Working Days to acquire EPR Authorization

Validity –

One EPR Authorization is valid for up to 1 year, after 1 year it can be renewed for 3 years and after 3 years it can be renewd for 5 years

Process of Authorization –

  1. Collection of Documents

  2. Online form filing

  3. Submission of the form

  4. Reviewing of the form by the department

  5. Approval of the form

  6. Providing information if queries are generated

  8. Grant of EPR Authorization

  9. Fulfilling EPR Compliances

Compliance –

Once the EPR authorization is granted the certificate holder must make sure to fulfil the following compliances in order to create awareness about E-Waste Recycling to the masses.

1) EPR Authorization holder needs to submit the sales record on quarterly basis to the CPCB department.

2) EPR Authorization holder needs to recycle the plastic waste based on the targets allocated to them by the department.

Post the Grant of EPR Authorization –

Once the EPR Authorization is granted the Certificate holder must make sure that they meet all the necessary compliances along with maintaining all the records.

The department can conduct random checks and failure to maintain anything can result in penalty or cancellation of Authorization.

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