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In India, MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest) is the licensing authority to issue certification for import and export of hazardous wastes. Necessary packing, labeling, quality, duties and responsibilities are to be maintained by the occupier.In export import trade, permission from Ministry of Environment and Forest is required if such export or import goods contain hazardous wastes.

MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest) is the authority which is covering all kinds of imports and exports license related to the hazardous products which have direct impact on our Environment. MOEF ministry is responsible for the proper safeguard of our Environment.

The exporter or importer has to apply for certification with Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) in specified format for importing/exporting hazardous/recyclable wastes to use as raw materials. The material permitted shall be fully insured for transit as well as for any accidental occurrence and its cleanup operation, the adequate facility to handle imported hazardous waste in the form of his raw material with details.

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