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Legal Metrology Act 2009, is a set of protocols and rules established in order to maintain uniformity and accuracy in all the equipment or instruments used by an individual or a group of individuals for the sake of weighing or measuring.

Why Legal Metrology
This act came into existence in order to Shield the consumers from unscrupulous traders. In addition to this, and other important liability of the department is to regulate and control the trade in pre-packaged commodities by ensuring that such packages confirm to the declarations, as well as net quantity contained therein, as prescribed under the law.


Uniform standards
In pursuit of bringing a sole and homogenous system for weighing and measuring nationally, in place of various but different techniques practiced in different zones of the nation, The Parliament adopted standards of weight and measurement(package commodities) that states every unit of weight and measures shall be in harmony with the Legal Metrology and Measurement systems based on the international System of units


The base of unit of:- -
1.Length should be in metre
2.Mass should be in kilogram
3.Time should be in second
4.Electric current should be in ampere
5.Temperature should be in Kelvin
6.Luminous intensity should be in candela
7.Amount of substance should be in mole


Therefore, the manufacturer has to print the quantity of the product according to these standards.


Uniform standards
Legal Metrology registration can be applied in 3 scopes –
1: As Manufacturer
2: As importer
3: As Packer

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