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EPR certificate also known as EXTENDED PRODUCER's RESPONSIBILITY is a mandatory registration done under CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) for channelization of E-Waste. EPR authorization is applicable to all manufacturer, importer, producer, consumer, bulk consumer, dealers, e-retailer involved in manufacture, sale, transfer, storage and processing of e-waste or electrical and electronic equipment listed in Schedule 1, including their components, consumables and spare parts.

We provide a complete solution for EPR registration, Collection of E-Waste at PAN India level, Dismantling & Recycling.


Liabilities –

CPCB has allotted the liability to collect and recycle the E-Waste to the Producer itself.

Either the producer can fulfil the responsibility by itself or can engage a PRO (Producer’s Responsibility Organization) for fulfilment of his responsibilities. The PRO engaged should be CPCB authorized.

The producer (Manufacturer/Importer) has to submit its previous import/sales data according to which the targets will be allotted by CPCB. Further quarterly import/sales data needs to be submitted once the EPR is issued

The producer needs to conduct 2 seminars yearly for general public awareness regarding the hazardous effects of E-waste and methods to properly channelize and dispose E-waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Brief –

EPR certificate is a registration through which the government has given an extended responsibility to the producer to channelize the E-waste generated into the markets. Producers are liable to collect back electronics through buy-back schemes, collection programs and collection Centre’s. Proper channelization is important so that e-waste doesn’t end up into wrong hands and harm the environment. Improper handling and hazardous dumping have degraded the environment and has impacted human health. Producers have to take the responsibility for proper channelization and have to get it recycled from an authorized recycler. General public should also be addressed for proper disposal of e-waste.

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