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E-Waste Recycling Target Calculator

What is E-Waste Recycling Target?

The main fundamental reason for procuring the EPR Certificate/EPR Authorization is to make sure that you recycle your E-Waste based on the targets received by the Central Pollution Control Board.

These targets will be allotted to you on the basis of the sales data provided by you. These calculations are arrived at by 2 methods depending upon the number of years of your import or the number of years you have been operational.

For free calculation of your E-Waste Recycling targets kindly call us on, +91 7738143579, +91 7738153579

The following are the 2 methods wherein your E-Waste Recycling Targets can be calculated.

Method 1 -

Authorization for Producers/importers, who have recently started their operations, whose number of years of operations is lesser than the average life of the product they are selling as follows:



Method 2 -

Authorization for Producers/importers, who are in operation for a period equal to or more than the average life of the product is as follows:

Please Note - For the average life of the product please refer the Product List.


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