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ISI Certification

The ISI (Indian Standards Institution) mark is a standard compliance mark applicable on compliant products as per guidelines of the Bureau. ISI is a manufacturer concerned licence applicable on both Indian & Foreign manufacturers. Majority products covered under the scheme are Cement, steel & products, food & related products, household electrical goods, medical equipment, tyre & tubes, chemical & fertilizers, etc. Indian standards focus on consumer safety and product quality which further helps in creating competitiveness amongst the manufacturers. No manufacturer or entity can produce/sell goods without the mark affixed.

Bureau of Indian Standards grants a licence based on assessment of the manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control and testing capabilities of a manufacturer through a visit to its manufacturing premises. Conformity of the product to the relevant standard(s) is also established through third party laboratory testing or testing in the manufacturing premises or a combination of both.


Validity of Licence –
The licence to use Standard Mark shall initially be granted for not less than one year and up to two years.

We as consultant will help you to speed up the registration process by providing our expertise, knowledge and past experience. We adhere to all the guidelines issued by BIS.

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